Published on 27 March 2019 by TFO

Toronto, March 26th 2019 - GMTFO, the leading exporter of Ontario educational productions in French, is pleased to announce its latest content distribution deal, in China. A new agreement with JOLLY, a Chinese distributor, was completed in December 2018 and the first results are in : “We are very pleased to see that our 2 series Chansons Traditionnelles and Les Toopati have recorded more than 8 million views in 2 months” stated Glenn O’Farrell, president and CEO. JOLLY is specialized in the business of distributing audiovisual programming to continental China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

As a first step, JOLLY distributes TFO productions featuring traditional French songs hosted by the characters of the Mini TFO show. The Chinese distributor also brings to market Les Toopati, a TFO production featuring puppets whose adventures take place in a nursery. Other content will be added as market demand develops. JOLLY is also considering additional series.

The initial three year term of the agreement is renewable and provides for broadcasting on ten online video platforms and television networks. The GMTFO productions will be broadcast in French but JOLLY is considering sub-titling.

«We are very proud of this export initiative for GMTFO productions to the Chinese market. Over the past few months, JOLLY successfully market-tested our programs in China. And we now see the concrete results which confirm the international appeal of the content we produce here, in our studios in Ontario. », said President and Chief Executive Officer of TFO, Glenn O’Farrell. He further stated: « Serving teachers and families in Ontario is our first mission. Creating export opportunities for our creative voices to reach learning audiences across Canada and international markets contributes to the sustainability of Franco-Ontarian productions. »

In addition to its new foray into the Chinese market, TFO already distributes its products in the United States, in France, in Spain and in Italy. TFO content is also available on more than 22 YouTube channels with total views of 700 million. It serves some 1.1 million francophone and francophile students and 37 000 teachers in Ontario.


Carole Nkoa

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer