French as a Second Language Students "À L'ÉCOUTE" on IDÉLLO!

Published on 14 October 2016 by TFO
IDÉLLO, Groupe Média TFO's digital learning universe, presents "À L’ÉCOUTE", alongside the Ministry of Education of Ontario. Built for the 60 English-language school boards of the province, the learning toolset is available exclusively on IDELLO.ORG and aims to help students from grades 1 to 12 to develop their listening skills. With over a hundred resources designed and produced for French as a Second Language (FSL) teachers and their students, "À L'ÉCOUTE" is based on Ontario's FSL curriculum and is categorized according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Content is adapted to students' varying levels of comprehension skills, their ages and their fields of interest in order to promote their passion for French. Groupe Média TFO's Digital Learning Department worked to produce this learning toolset containing 110 video clips associated to 110 worksheets and a teaching guide, specifically written for "À L'ÉCOUTE" by a team of Ontarian FSL teachers for their peers. It also contains 30 complementary activities for FSL students, allowing them to test their newly acquired skills while having fun. Through these engaging and entertaining video clips, FSL learners can become familiar with oral comprehension and expression, vocabulary words and the various accents of the Francophonie. Seven video series are available exclusively on IDÉLLO, including #écouteça!, written and directed by Improtéine and produced by Carte Blanche Films.
Although "À L'ÉCOUTE" is primarily aimed at FSL teachers and their students, it certainly hasn't forgotten about parents. A special component allows them to support their child in a fun process to learn French. "À L'ÉCOUTE" was produced thanks to financial support from the Government of Canada, through the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Government of Ontario, and is exclusively available HERE. Follow IDÉLLO on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to its YouTube channel.
Teachers are talking about it:
"I think that listening remains one of the missing elements in FSL classrooms. Our students really need to hear other voices than just their teachers' voices." Tracy Reid, EAO FSL   "In an FSL classroom, it's essential to have teaching resources that target listening, because listening may be the most difficult of the four language skills to practice and measure. À l’écoute, as a teaching resource, encourages FSL learners to select and use the necessary listening strategies to increase their comprehension and improve their interactions with other speakers." Suzanne Korell, Educational Consultant FSL   "My students are engaged when we use Idello's resources, because the video format of a given series becomes familiar."  Lyne Kohut, 5th Grade French as a Second Language Teacher   "My students adopt the listening strategies, then they use and reuse them in different contexts." Amélie Roy, 2nd Grade French as a Second Language Teacher
Interviews and medias: Julie Caron Chief Digital Learning Officer - Groupe Média TFO 613 296-6289