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Ulrich Dessouassi
Blessed with a relentless curiosity and voracious appetite for tackling difficult challenges, Ulrich Dessouassi has spent his working life architecting digital solutions to the problems of producing and distributing compelling educational media content. For Ulrich, the more complex the challenge the better – as a key driver of innovation, source of growth, and pathway to personal and professional satisfaction. Trained initially as a civil engineer, he soon realized the structures he most desired to build were in the realm of software. In 2005 he completed a second degree, this time in software engineering, from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. As Directeur des produits numériques at GMTFO, Ulrich has augmented this combined training with strategic and tactical insights gleaned from leading the creation and development of innovative and transformative projects that have had a tremendous impact on the organization, as well as the entire industry. Ulrich successfully launched GMTFO’s flagship digital learning platform Idéllo in 2015. Idéllo contains more than 11 000 digital resources (including video, applications, games, guides and educational material), curated and aligned with curriculum guidelines. It is the leading platform of its kind connecting educators, learners and their parents in Canada, and increasingly internationally. More recently, Ulrich oversaw the development and launch of a blockchain prototype that heralds a potentially revolutionary new royalty model for content production and distribution in Canada. Currently, the prototype is being evaluated by relevant parties in market. If successful, it will transform how digital cultural productions are managed. A passionate strategic visionary, Ulrich revels in living dangerously when it comes to embracing disruptive technologies and their impacts on content creators and educational media consumers. When not at the forefront of cutting edge digital media developments, he can often be found challenging opponents on the tennis court, taking in the latest cultural exhibit at museums and galleries, or indulging his lifelong love of reading. Perhaps heretically for one so committed to digital innovation, Ulrich confesses that for serious reading he still prefers a book.