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    Julie Caron, Toronto

    Vice President Educational Continuum

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    • Education Technology
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Julie Caron

Julie Caron is the Vice President Educational Continuum at Groupe Média TFO, a Franco-Ontarian educational public media company.

Julie Caron has been working in the education sector for over 30 years. After completing her studies in health sciences, she started her career working with children with special needs in schools in the Outaouais region. In 1997, she joined the University of Ottawa, where she discovered just how dynamic and innovative the field of education in Ontario truly is. Interested in how technology and the digital world could be harnessed for learning, Julie immersed herself in the field of educational technology for over 10 years at the Faculty of Education’s Learning Resources Centre before joining the Groupe Média TFO in 2011 as a Liaison and Training Officer.

Serving as GM TFO’s Education Officer – now Chief Officer – since 2014, Julie plays a key role in the development of the digital learning strategy for GM TFO, a leader in producing and disseminating innovative digital educational content by French-language education communities from Ontario, Canada and beyond.

TFO’s contributions to the transformation of education include the IDÉLLO platform, which offers over 14,000 digital learning resources for Francophone students from kindergarten to grade 12; Boukili, an app that helps children learn to read and offers a wealth of content from Francophones in minority communities; and online modules and courses for elementary, middle and high school students.

This past year, the Ministry of Education mandated GM TFO with new responsibilities regarding digital learning in Francophone Ontario, particularly in terms of online classes and support for teachers and parents to ensure students can pursue their studies at home throughout the pandemic. Julie has been working with TFO’s teams and French-language education partners to create high-quality digital learning experiences that meet the students’ needs and expectations!

Personal notes

I have two daughters (born 2002 and 2004), proudly born in Montfort!

I was born and raised in Quebec’s Outaouais region.

I love the great outdoors and my bucket list includes doing the Appalachian Trail from start to finish (I’ve done parts of it...).

I love children’s literature and hope to one day publish one of my own many works in progress...

I’m committed to equity and inclusion in education.