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Groupe Média TFO

Mission, vision and values

Groupe Média TFO is a go-to resource for audiences seeking innovative educational and cultural content in French. Recognized for its premium content, it delivers stimulating experiences at the forefront of digital learning. Proud of its public heritage, it celebrates “la Francophonie” in Ontario and elsewhere in the world. Vision : To act as a catalyzer of rich French-language educational and cultural experiences, whose goal is to provide forward-looking solutions for “la Francophonie”. Our values : Respect, Leadership, , Innovation, Ambition, Creativity and initiative

Board of Directors

Originally from Sudbury, Carole Beaulieu is an accomplished management, marketing, public affairs, and governance executive. She is currently the Vice-President, Advancement & Board Secretariat at OCAD University where she directs the government relations, marketing, communications, institutional planning and governance functions for the university.

Carole Beaulieu
Carole Beaulieu



GLENN O’FARRELL, ICD.D, is a digital-innovation-driving CEO in the Canadian media industry. Glenn doesn’t think outside, – he thinks without a box. Glenn uses the power of new technology, creative partnerships and international reach to transform traditional broadcasters into relevant, influential, high-traffic global platforms. He consistently challenges the status quo to improve and grow outcomes for stakeholders.

Glenn O'Farrell


Strategic Goals

  • Be recognized as the most important producer and distributor of crossmedia content in French Ontario’s educational and cultural communities.
  • Deliver products and services that match the expectations of our target audiences.
  • Establish targeted and strategic partnerships that support TFO’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Play a key role in the sustainable development of French Ontario’s human and economic resources.
  • Maximize TFO’s operational efficiency and ensure its financial viability.


  • Accountability
  • Social responsibility
  • Good financial management

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Business Plan 2015-2018